State laws | Law homework help


Write a thorough essay that comprehensively discusses the issues raised by the following scenario:

Imagine there is a state law that permits police to hold mentally-ill suspects for a lengthy period of time while determining their fitness for trial.

(Create details if you like,)

This law is consistent with the laws of some other states, but similar laws have been overturned in the United Kingdom and Europe.

• Write two opinions deciding the constitutionality of this law from the perspectives of Justices Brennan and Scalia.

• Add the names of least two other justices from any era whose work you have read during Units 1-9 to concur or dissent with the opinions you have written.

• You are not required to cite page numbers in cases.

Your answer should be written with correct punctuation, grammar, and diction. Your answer also should be sufficiently detailed to demonstrate your knowledge of the topics raised by the question.

Please Make sure that the paper is written in Microsoft word APA format. Please make sure the more cases that’s used through the paper are properly cited.

although the more page numbers with a cite and the more Supreme Court cases, the better

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