strategic financial aspects of the firm

Format: New times roman, 12 size, double spaceTopic: Each team should select a public company they find interesting to analyze over the course and with the concepts we are leaning and reviewing in class and from the readings. Your team will prepare short summaries (2 – 3 pages) and brief presentations (2 – 3 minutes) on strategic financial aspects of the firm (details in weekly schedule.)

Guideline for Company selection: Choose a company that you are interested in. It must be public and listed on either the NYSE or NASDAQ exchange. It should be a relatively new company –one that has gone public in the last 10 years. It cannot be a company you work for or have worked for in the past. You must not have any knowledge of anything about the company that is not public nor considered insider information. The company cannot be in chapter 7 or 11 nor has announced it may file for bankruptcy nor has announced a merger or acquisition. Choose a company which is focused on a particular market and not a conglomerate such as General Electric, NEC or AT&T, since they will be harder to analyze. No two groups may have the same company.

OUR company is Shake Shack Inc.

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