The Importance of a Time Management System Essay.

The Importance of a Time Management System Essay.


This assignment is about you. It is an assessment of your abilities and traits.

Every week you will complete a personal assessment–your own personal leadership framework.

This assignment will help you figure out what style of leadership you have been following and whether this style works for you.

Through this assignment, you will find the various approaches of leadership that complement each other. There is no one theory that describes the only way to be an effective leader. Each theory focuses on different issues, but they all help you to better understand how to become a successful leader.The Importance of a Time Management System Essay.


Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research about Time Management Assessment.

Note: You can also use the following link to access the Time Management Assessment: Time Management Assessment

Based on your research and understanding, create a paper in a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document that:

Incorporates your time management self-assessment information and the concepts learned this week (leadership theories, leadership versus management, professional nursing organizations, and time management.

Includes identification of one leadership theory, which you feel best describes your leadership style.The Importance of a Time Management System Essay.

Includes a comparison between leadership and management

Includes a suggestion on how to apply this week’s concepts to the work environment.

There are several reasons to introduce, develop, and maintain a personal time management system. Having a plan, process, and procedure to manage time and scheduling organizes the day, reduces stress, frustration, and chaos, increases the ability to complete tasks, meet deadlines, and overcome challenges, maximizes the effectiveness and efficiency of productivity. Besides being an indicator of civilized society, operative time management utilization has become a necessity to being a successful member of society;the importance of time management can be observed in every facet of modern life. This can be noted when considering that each aspect (professional, personal, and private) of one’s life is intimately and permanently associated with each other. The logical conclusion drawn from this is: if time management is implemented in one aspect of life, either directly or indirectly, it will be implemented into the other aspects, as well. However, when breaking down and analyzing time management to determine in which direction to go to begin development of a time management system in a particular aspect of life, three components must be given special consideration. Those components are experience, balance, and managing time for others.The Importance of a Time Management System Essay.

Utilize Personal Experience

Utilizing personal experience in relation to time management is something that can begin at a fairly early age. A great deal of trial and error can be exploited at an age when the consequences, or at least the effects of the consequences, will be minimal. The pre-teen to early teenage years are considered to be some of the most formative years in one’s life. This age is ideal to begin developing the positive habits, tendencies, and behaviors associated with an effective and efficient time management skillset. Implementing a basic time management plan is an early sign of personal responsibility. Even more impressive is having the willpower to stick to the plan with as little deviation as possible. An indicator of exceptional personal fortitude, however, is knowing that change is needed, and knowing when to adapt a plan or process to best suit one’s needs or current situation or circumstances. As one grows into their senior teenage/young adult years and their experience builds, the strength of their time management system builds and grows, as well. A way to increase their experience level, and thus the potency of their time management system, exponentially is by exploiting the experience of others. Learning by observing family, friends, and coworkers maximizes the experience gained while minimalizing the potential for consequence. But as a person grows and their experience builds, one learns that all of that experience does not matter if there is not balance.The Importance of a Time Management System Essay.


Balance is essential in a time management system. Balance is what keeps stress levels down and productivity up. Balance within the time management system is just as important as having a time management system itself. The idea behind balance and why it is so important is that anything, given in to enough excess, can become detrimental. Water is essential and necessary for life, but too much water can be toxic, even fatal. One of the core reasons for developing a time management system is to find and maintain balance. Spending too much time in one specific aspect of one’s life can cause the other aspects to suffer. Focusing too much time on one’s profession will eventually cause stress and frustration in their personal and private life. Conversely, concentrating and directing too much time and energy to their personal life will cause one’s productivity to decrease. However, even after a profuse amount of experience has been utilized, and a balance in the time management plan has been achieved, as a person grows older they become successful, at both work and at home. Success at work generally means promotions, raises, and some sort of leadership role. Success at home, again generally speaking, means a happy and healthy family, and some sort of leadership role. What this means is that now, not only does one need to have a time management plan for themselves, but for others as well.The Importance of a Time Management System Essay.

Managing Others’ Time

Having a large amount of input towards other people’s time management plans or systems can be quite a large level of responsibility. Professionally, having subordinates or employees working under one’s (direct or indirect) supervision or having some sort of supervisory role is usually a position reserved at least in part, for those who have been successful managing their time. Whether it is making a schedule, making a “plan of the week/day”, or delegating authority and responsibilities to those whom one is in charge of, a large portion of the supervisory role is managing the time of others. Time management is so important in this circumstance that often times supervisors or managers are required to develop and maintain time management training and complete time management plans. This is very similar to what happens at home, after one starts a family. Having a significant other generally means the time management duties and responsibilities are shared, at least in part. That changes, though, after children are introduced to the family unit. Whichever parent has the stronger time management skills will often take control of the family’s time management plan. This is the most efficient and effective way to manage the family’s time. Another increasingly common facet that should be noted is when the family dynamic changes and the parents get a divorce. Life has the possibility to suddenly become based on and around time management. Most single parents will say that if they did not have adequate time management skills before becoming single parents, they developed the skills necessary to become successful at time management rather quickly out of necessity.The Importance of a Time Management System Essay.

Eventually, everyone develops time management skills in some form or another. Some develop them early; others develop them later in life. Some people develop the minimal skills necessary to manage their time, and others literally have their lives revolve around time management. One thing is for certain, any success achieved in life will be short lived without developing time management skills.The Importance of a Time Management System Essay.

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