The Mediating Role of Transformational Leadership

Leader Mindfulness and Employee Well-Being: The Mediating Role of Transformational Leadership


The theme of this study is to identify how transformational leadership mediates the relationship between a worker’s well-being and their superiors at work. Employees’ well-being revolves around positive and negative affects, psychological stress, emotional exhaustion, and job satisfaction. The study also provides a detailed discussion of the importance of integrating research on leadership and mindfulness. Reviews of this research concern the promotion of mindfulness in companies.

Leader mindfulness is a state at which a leader should be non-judgmental and being aware and attentive to employees’ current experiences. It, therefore, promotes transformational leadership as it facilitates and motivates behavior that portrays transformational leadership. Thus, the hypothesis of this research shows that leaders’ mindfulness has a direct positive impact on transformational leadership.

The findings of this research also prove the positive association between transformational leadership and well being of subordinates. According to (citation), transformational leaders should encourage their followers to institute new ideas and interrogate existing rules. As a result, employees feel encouraged to fulfill their desires. Subordinates who receive such supportive behavior from their transformational leaders are relieved from pressure and emotional exhaustion. They think they can depend and count on their leader when faced with work-related issues. This study provides insights into how transformational leaders can be mindful of their workers’ total well being which in doing so translates to harmonious relations between the two.

Some additional analyses of this study are the positive and negative indicators of workers’ well-being. The research aims at measuring how a leader can identify whether subordinates are contented. Positive indicators involved in the study were job satisfaction and positive affect, while negative signs included psychosomatic complaints, emotional exhaustion, and negative affect. The importance of measuring such indicators can help a transformational leader understand the needs of their employees and also improve the performance of the organization.

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