The RWMC Media Artifact

For the Reflective Web Media Creation (RWMC) assignment, you are asked to create a short piece of web media (your RWMC Artifact) which reflects on some aspect of web media that has been addressed during the unit, with at least some focus on the unit themes of digitisation and/or convergence. Your RWMC can be in any media form you prefer except for text-only (i.e. you can create a short video, flash animation, stop motion animation, short interactive website, photo collage presented as a slideshow, infographic, or pretty much any other format except a traditional essay form); the point is to utilise the affordances of web media (i.e. use web media) to reflect on the changing nature of web media. Whatever format you choose, your RWMC Artifact must be accessible/viewable/navigable in 3 minutes or less, as is appropriate for your chosen media format. In terms of audience, your RWMC Artifact must be accessible to a generalist audience; it should not be designed specifically for a specialist academic reader or viewer (if it helps, imagine the audience being someone else studying at university but not in a humanities degree). The creation of your RWMC Artifact is an opportunity to communicate something about web media to someone unfamiliar with this unit or the readings, although these resources should be used to inform your creation and referenced as appropriate. While you should indicate all academic and other sources and so forth, you do not specifically have to follow APA style referencing if it is incompatible with your presentation format. (For example, if you created a short video, your credits would indicate your sources, but not necessarily presented in APA format as this would be clunky and not in keeping with the style of online video.) Your RWMC Artifact must be presented in a publicly accessible form online. You do NOT have to include your full name on your RWMC if you do not wish to, but you must include enough identifying information to ensure your marker can clearly identify your work (e.g. a shortened the unit code – ‘Debbie R, Web Media’ – would suffice). As the RWMC is publicly online, you are responsible for ensuring it complies with copyright laws. If you include remixed media from elsewhere, these should be clearly indicated, and you should respect whatever licenses they are under. If you argue that your RWMC is legal by way of Fair Dealing, you should clearly indicate this as part of your RWMC Artifact. You should include a clear statement about the copyright status of your RWMC as part of your assignment (placing this statement wherever is appropriate given your chosen media form).

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