The San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle

Read the New York Times or the Los Angeles Times and pick 2 stories to follow over 3-4 days. Note: Stories may take 1-2 weeks to evolve. Then find those same stories over the same two weeks as covered either by the San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, or another local paper.. Now compare the way the stories were treated in the NY Times or LA Times verses the local paper. Hint: Compare stories published on the same day. Please answer the following questions:

  • What differences and similarities did you find?
  • Were the stories covered with the same depth of analysis?
  • Who wrote the stories? Were they different authors or from the AP(Associated Press)?
  • What was the point of view of the media? Was it fair?

Answering the above questions is worth 5 points

  • How did the two stories relate to American politics? Explain the stories using 1 topic you have learned in class, for example: Federalism or Political Ideology.

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