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Transfusion Transmitted Diseases

Despite the latest technologies used for screening blood products for infectious agents, transfusion transmitted diseases remain a problematic complication of blood transfusion. Numeruious screening methods have been developed to control the transmission of such diseases through blood transfusion. Discuss the main infectious agents transmitted through blood and the measures takem to reduce their risk of transmission through blood components.


* Structure- the assignment should be clearly divided into subheadings or numbered sections. Assignments should be typed, double-spaced and in a size 12 font preferably Times New Roman or Arial.

* Introduction- this section should include a brief historical background on the topic selected or present a hypothesis.

* Content- this will be the bulk of the assignment. It should contain an evaluation of different component of the assignments in a logical, coherent and critical manner, demonstrating a grasp of theoretical background. This section could be subdivided depending on the nature of the assignment.

* Conclusion- this section should contain a brief summary of the assignment’s main points and ideas that evaluate the evidence you have written.

* References- all references should be cited carefully using any referencing format (e.g. Numbered or Harvard style). Endnote is a referencing software that could be used with Microsoft word for accurate referencing. All references should be listed at the end of the assignment following the style chosen.

* Length- word count does not include figures, tables or references. The word count from 1000-1200 words

* Figures and tables- try to create your own figures and tables. However, if figures or tables were scanned/copied from other sources, they should be referenced.


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