Walden PUBH6034 Module 5 Quiz Latest 2019 November

PUBH6034 Environmental Health: Local to Global

Module 5 Quiz

Question 1 Which type of radiation is most penetrating, if a person is exposed from a source outside the body?

Question 2 Asbestos is a _______________ hazard.

Question 3 The human health effects of various nanomaterials in consumer products are _______________.

Question 4 Disruption of circadian rhythms due to occupational exposure to light at night is now believed to increase the risk of _______________.

Question 5 Which of the following is not a syndrome associated with acute high-level exposure to ionizing radiation?

Question 6 Occupational asthma is known to be caused by synthetic organic chemicals, dusts, and _______________.

Question 7 Which of the following is not a documented health effect of noise in the workplace?

Question 8 As a global average, the largest share of people’s exposure to ionizing radiation comes from _______________.

Question 9 In your role as Radiation Adviser to the US EPA, you’ve been asked to develop an intervention program that will most effectively reduce the US population’s exposure to natural sources of ionizing radiation. Your best bet is to work on reducing exposures to _______________.

Question 10 Which of the following types of radiation is not ionizing?

Question 11 Today, with asbestos exposures in the United States largely controlled, deaths from malignant melanoma in the country are _______________.

Question 12 The recycling of elements from discarded US personal computers is an industry that _______________.

Question 13Byssinosis and silicosis are examples of __________________ diseases caused by workplace exposures.

Question 14 Nanoparticles are in the same size range as __________________ particulates.

Question 15 Which is the basis of noise regulations to protect workers from hearing loss?

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