Week 6 Written Assignment Paper.

Week 6 Written Assignment Paper.


After you are finished, read the assigned article:

Lachman, V. D. (2015). Ethical issues in the disruptive behaviors of incivility, bullying, and horizontal/lateral violence. Urologic Nursing, 35(1), 39-42. Retrieved from

Next watch the video by clicking on the link below.Week 6 Written Assignment Paper.

Civility in the Workplace


Transcript (Links to an external site.)

Reflect on what you observed in the video as you answer the following:

1. Based on what you observed, what leadership skills should you, as Masaya’s preceptor, model for your fellow coworkers to promote his acceptance into the work-group or team.Week 6 Written Assignment Paper.

2. Does incivility seem to be an issue in the scenario?

3. Describe any common themes you discovered among the article, the video and the Civility Index

4. Do you think delegation played a part in this issue.

Week 6 Written Assignment

  • Respond to the Text Lab Project 16.2 (Objectives 1 and 2) on page 529.
  • Provide a short narrative on security techniques and mechanisms in protecting against spam activity.

Recently, online video chat was becoming more popular. Although they are experiencing huge growth, online video chat services have become another target for spamming. Unlike spam spreading through traditional media, we believe that email and social networks are attractive to spam users spreading online video calls. The biggest spot video chat site – we’ve run many experiments to investigate spam spread spam. We have found that the biggest undesirable campaign scams on video chat websites. Our study suggests that spam related to date or medical fraud has a higher clickthrough rate than the email that contains the same content. In particular, the date fraud will reach 14.97% click rate. We reviewed and analyzed the spamming mechanisms we designed and implemented on-line video chat sites. Our study suggests that the mechanism of prevention can be harmful or easily avoided by the user’s legal experience.Week 6 Written Assignment Paper.


Since the online video call system uses peer-to-peer architecture, spam monitoring and research are highly demanding research on their behavior and characteristics. Due to the absence of any centralized north of audio and video streams, the monitoring probe can not be installed. In this case, the only solution is to collect data from a group of users participating in these services.

We use this solution by creating an unwanted email program, registering several domain names, publishing these domain names with lots of spam and registering the number of visits. During the experiments, our spam buttons were found with clients, as well as other spam bundles created by spammers and recorded the appropriate chat sessions. Using session data recorded with Chatroulette weblogs, we make some sizes and spam scans. In addition, our own spam bots is used to test anti-spam mechanisms on video chat sites. Our study found the largest unwanted campaign on online chat websites that sent spam to unwanted spam reports, which obtained a 14.97% click-through rate. Instead, spam in pharmacies gets less attention up to 1.99% of the clicks. In comparison to the maladies of pharmacies sent by email, however, there is a more successful offer of spam frauds to cheat a pharmacy through a video chat site.Week 6 Written Assignment Paper.


Based on our extensive coverage of web video chat web pages, we note that spamers usually use two spam accesses. A spammer uses a virtual webcam software to play an animated GIF image where the corresponding spam URL is clearly displayed. The other way is to respond to the spammer in a pre-recorded phishing video where an attractive girl sits in front of the webcam and on her keyboard. In phishing videos, spammers also launch a chatbot program that allows unwanted spam to share text with a partner. The victim can make mistakes to make conversations with a real chat partner. Therefore, when a chat lottery program sends an unwanted URL to a victim, the victim may believe in a bypass chat and, in this way, visit the spam URL.Week 6 Written Assignment Paper.

In this article, we describe two spam strategies, such as spam bots and spam e-mails. Using the Chatroulette data attributes with the registration data collected on our spam reports in our spam experiments, we first conducted a statistical analysis of these spam chatroulette. Chatroulette data records contain 32,441 online user snapshots and their respective IP addresses, covering all users online from 4:52:33 to 5:23:42 am on September 29, 2011. We choose all snapshots that include explicit spam URLs. We denoted the IP addresses associated with the selected snapshots as image robots IP. Because spyware that uses videos uses text messages to load spam URLs using Adobe Flash peer-to-peer networks, user snapshots, and the corresponding chat data IP address Chatroulette will not recognize robots video spam Chatroulette To resolve this problem, we are looking for the IP addresses that appear. our data spam robots due to lack of record data. If the IP addresses also appear in our spam bots, we will delete the corresponding text conversations and verify that the URLs are included in the text conversations. If a URL is found, we will mark this equivalent IP address as the IP address containing spam videos. Even the IP that matches traces of geographic data and spam robots is minimal, but it helps us identify most video spam because spammers typically use their spam bots at 24 o’clock. 7.

Spam Bot Prediction:

Compared to 32,441 online users, 244 users are bound by spam bots which seem trivial. However, our experience of Chatroulette and Omeille shows that flattery usually spies the spam bot for every 10 ~ 20 spin. It is clear that spammers execute their spam robots on each machine.

To predict the average number of spam programs running on each computer, we analyze chat web server logs. For example, one hour Chatroulette Web server logs, we see that a Chatroulette server receives an average of 350 HTTP requests per second.

Prevention Mechanisms:

For disposal of losses, some of the videos of the video of the video videos make and implement spam spam mechanisms. Our best understanding, such a website is Chatroulette, Omegle, and MyYearbook. However, in our websites, our visits have shown that there are still a lot of spam available in these locations. To determine the use of abuse, we will analyze the mitigate mechanisms established in these videos and analyze shortcomings of insecurity. Additionally, we had the presence of a statistical mechanism for the prevention of the spots.

Tips for protecting against spam attacks:

  1. Watch out for social networking spam

Social network spam spreads every month to achieve the continued success of young and old social networks. Modern social engineering technologies have made it difficult to distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent emails. Along with reliable combinations of social network connections, these good techniques invite clients to get more personal information about their goals and at the same time do more harm to the victim.

  1. Know how to respond properly

If you receive a spam message, do not listen to it. Clarke has said users have accepted spam messages, and 25% said they had received more spam messages for results. Instead of responding to spam messages, you can report to your waste service provider, usually by clicking on your message and posting it as spam. It is also a good idea to join a mortgage investigation agency that will warn you if fraudulent activities are put on your name.

  1. Don’t click on links from emails you can’t trust

Sending a blank email without a link is still one of the basic features in your credit card. It is easy for dealers to hide e-mail addresses that send you the messages and the web site that you need to click on. So, if you receive standard messages containing web sites from your bank, business page or web site, and instead click email links to access the site on your browser. The email asks.Week 6 Written Assignment Paper.

  1. Keep your computer operating system and security software up to date

Even if you have good security on your PC, it will not protect you if it is not upgraded – so make sure the software is automatically updated for the Internet. Many security plans provide periodic updates designed to respond to minor improvements; if you do not provide this option, it is unlikely to be unusual – there are excellent versions for users. In addition, you need to make sure you have new updates for your operating system, application (especially for PDF users), and Internet browsers.Week 6 Written Assignment Paper.

  1. Install the special design of anti-spam

We recommend that you install a separate spam filter to ensure that only legitimate messages arrive in your mailbox. Spam is not just a problem, it can be a real threat, because a significant number of phishing attacks and viruses comes from the letters (for example, links to infected sites built for e-mail). Protection from spam and phishing attacks with security layered access e-mail:Week 6 Written Assignment Paper.

A layered approach to messaging security

To protect corporate data from spam and phishing attacks, companies need basic protection for their messaging services, whether hosted locally or in the cloud. A closer look at this approach to show how each layer complements the overall strategy to protect company data.

Layer 0 or 6: SIEM, anti-spam and monitoring

This layer of protection can be either an initial or final step, the way you look. To begin, we need to generate data on the number of sheets cataloged as spam. Based on these data, we can obtain statistics that allow us to make a commercial investment or process to improve our current anti-spam system.

However, the control of spam through the management process (SIEM) security and event information can also be the sixth and final layer of protection because it allows you to generate the necessary statistics to determine the number of attacks that have have been abandoned by other layers of protection, thus confirming the effectiveness of our multi-level strategy.

Layer 1: Email analysis through outsourcing

To start this layer, keep in mind that many spam protection systems do not capture the latest threat detection technology. Some platforms are not a constantly updated source of data intelligence threats or, worse, generation intelligence services at all. Companies must apply to external solutions, which, with the help of detection systems, sensors and other data collection mechanisms, summarize data on potential attackers, existing threat and suspicious actors. With this data, the providers of these services are responsible for checking incoming mail traffic before it reaches our network or users.Week 6 Written Assignment Paper.

Level 2: Perimeter Protection

It is important to confirm that our perimeter protection detection system service spam. While most organizations use a firewall to provide perimeter protection for internal networks, many internal computers are also able to detect spam. It is also important to confirm that after the activation of the service is configured correctly and is equipped with a robust reporting system that allows us to quickly identify emails classified as spam. Finally, we need to put in place a quarantine system for the isolation of false positives.Week 6 Written Assignment Paper.

Layer 3: Internal network, e-mail server, and anti-spam solution

Make sure that our anti-spam service looks very simple and easy to create, but they are often set up correctly and implemented. While many new-generation communications platforms have anti-spam spam services, the team should make sure that the services are configured, and the spam internal server numbers are updated.

If you do not have an internal mail server antispam such as RadicalSpam, SpamAssassin, MailScanner and OrangeAssassiniRedMail can provide the threat to block data protection and reliable attacker open source options. They also provide information that has updated a regular basis and provides information on the real risk.Week 6 Written Assignment Paper.

Level 4: End device

Each host should have a security mechanism associated with their mail client. The server looks like a central system, this method should be able to detect threats, spam, and phishing attacks. These systems are generally implemented in business systems and anti-virus or in private connections to mail clients such as Outlook, Notification, Thunderbird and others.Week 6 Written Assignment Paper.

Level 5: Rail end users avoid phishing attacks

Users are one of the most important levels of security. There is a need to implement training programs and internal tests to ensure overall security awareness for all the organization staff.

During the training that can risk the company’s strategic property – particularly phishing attacks – user information about the type of attack encountered. Additionally, frequent test phishing or spam companies must be carried out to measure user’s vulnerability. Most sources with open source and commercial methods to detect these types of threats, it is important to ensure that employees do not fall into these systems.Week 6 Written Assignment Paper.


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