Writing Project Assignment

Assignment Guidelines

  • There are
    TWO parts to your assignment. For the first part you will be
    writing a fictional story of 1000-1200 words in the style of a didactic animal
    story: in other words, you are writing an animal story that teaches a lesson.
  • The
    lesson you choose to teach is entirely up to you: for example, it can be a
    practical skill, a life lesson, something more abstract or philosophical, or it
    can deal with current world issues- as long as it teaches the reader something.
    Your story must contain at least FOUR different animal characters.
  • Each
    character will have a particular trait or characteristic connected to them,
    which influences their role in your story. Your story must also have a moral
    built into the lesson it is teaching.
  • Your story must have a clear lesson
    that it is teaching the reader. It must also have a distinct moral built into
  • For the
    second part of the assignment you will answer the questions listed on the Assignment Questionnaire.
    You will print these off and staple them to your story to hand everything in as
    one package.


  • You can
    write your story in whatever style of writing that you feel works best: prose, poetry,
    a play, a children’s book, as a song, as a technical manual, a short story,
    etc. Just ensure that it is the required word length and it contains all of the
    necessary components.


  • Your
    story must be written in 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, printed on
    white paper, single-sided, and stapled.


1. Assignments must be word-processed, double-spaced,
single-sided, 12 point

Times New Roman font, printed on white paper, stapled.

2. All assignments must have a title page with the title of the story, your name and

ID number, the course name/number/section, the name of your
instructor, a word

count for part one (the story component), and the date

3. All assignments must also have part two – the Assignment Questionnaire

completed and stapled to the story and title page (in other
words, hand both

components in as one package).

4. This is a formal writing assignment- you will be marked
on spelling, grammar,

punctuation, and formatting.

5. Your story must be 1000-1200 words in length: if it is
over or under by more than

100 words you will lose marks.

6. Your story contains at least FOUR different
animal characters

7. Your story teaches a clear lesson

8. Your story has a distinct moral that is built into the
lesson but not identical to it

Each component listed below will be marked out of 10

  • You must
    use at least four different animal characters in the story. Each animal must
    play a role in the story by contributing to the action of the plot; you main
    characters must also play a part in the teaching of the lesson, and the moral
    in some way. Each character should have clear traits attached to them, these
    traits must relate to the role of the animal in the story.
  • Storyline: This is
    a creative writing project, as such you must build up an effective storyline.
    The style of storytelling you choose to use is up to you, but it must
    contribute to the effectiveness of your character development, lesson, and
  • Lesson: Your
    story must teach a lesson. This lesson should be built up throughout the action/plot
    of the story. Your storyline and character development all serve to create the lesson.
    In other words, the lesson is the didactic (and thus, central) purpose behind
    your story.
  • Your story must teach
    a moral. The moral cannot be the same thing as the lesson, but it should come
    from the lesson the story is teaching
    . Your moral should be clear andstraightforward. In other words, the reader should easily be able
    to determine the moralwithin your
  • Spelling, grammar, and formatting: This
    is a formal writing assignment, as such you will be marked on stylistic factors
    that include spelling and grammar. Your assignment must also follow the
    formatting requirements outlined under the assignment guidelines.

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