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The Scenario

Your logistics company, Argis Corp,. based in Tempe, Arizona, has decided to expand operations one more time. Argis currently has regional distribution sites throughout the United States and with the successful expansion to Dublin, Ireland. The company now wishes to establish operations in both Lucerne, Switzerland and in Hamburg, Germany.

Your Role

Please read the You Decide carefully, and refer to this situation when answering the second Discussion question this week.

As the VP of Human Resources, you are now tasked with the following items.

You must look at the work practices in all four countries and decide which practices will become standardized, and which will remain specific to the country (adopt the country’s practices). In addition, you must determine the management structure in each of the four countries–is it feasible to design individual structures for each entity? Are you mandated by labor laws and regulations, and labor unions in each country to follow and institute each country’s business practice? What impact will your business decisions have in each country when considering to adapt and change to a common strategic model to suit the needs of the home and host country? What challenges will you face when completing this task in each country? What approaches should you follow to integrate a cohesive culture and introduce an effective communication plan that builds concensus in each country?



Home Country

Thoughts on Standardization of Practices- Languages

Thoughts on Standardization of Practices – Vacations/Holidays

Thoughts on Standaization of Practices – Benefits/Medical

Concerns with Management Strucutre



Preference is English

Prefer standardization since the European counterparts will have many more days off than in the U.S.

Prefer to offer private benefits to remain competitive in local market

Looking for mgmt structure that will address local situation




Preference is English

Would be willing to adopt the Home Country practices

Socialized medicine, no need for an individualized plan

Concerned with Works councils and ratio of workers to supervisors




Preference is English

Prefer to follow suit with local practices

Socialized medicine, no need for an individualized plan

Would be interested in following local practices for mgmt structure




Preference is German for local employess and English for interaction with other regional offices

Prefers to follow suit with local practices

Socialized medicine, no need for an individualized plan

Will follow suit with U.S. structure, if needed

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