Aboriginals Studies


Provide detailed answers to each of the three questions below. Include about five sources as references. (500-550 words for each question=total 1500-1700)

  1. Donald Marshall, Jr., spent 11 years in jail for a crime he did not commit. Describe the points in Marshall’s case at which the criminal justice system failed him. What evidence of racism does this case provide? What can be done to overcome systemic racism in the criminal justice system? (in Canada)
  2. Examine the traditional roles of men and women in Aboriginal communities and discuss the position of Aboriginal women before European contact. Describe the impact of European settlement on Aboriginal women, and on their position within their communities. How has this history affected contacts between Aboriginal women and the criminal justice system? What can be done to address the situation? (in Canada)
  3. The impact of the residential school system has affected many generations of Aboriginal people. Explain the origins of the system, and examine its effects on Aboriginal children, parents and communities. Is it fair to say that the residential school system has contributed to Aboriginal peoples’ over-representation in the criminal justice system? Explain. (in Canada)

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