Access Controls and Security Mechanisms

Within the Discussion Board area, write 400–600 words that respond to the following
questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your
classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.
Before you start this assignment, please read the story entitled Data Breach an All-Too-Often Occurrence. After
reviewing the story, conduct research online into the various possibilities for analyzing and approaching the
system documentation problems presented, and propose possible solutions. Address the following:
Discuss the specific recommendations that you would make based on your personal experience and research.
Discuss the impact (from the perspective of various stakeholders) of the lack of access controls and auditing.
How can technology be used as an enabler and facilitator of effective access controls and auditing?
How can you apply the lessons that you learned from the story to your own company problem?

Jane is pointing Clive to a pastebin link that contains the customer database
content from Clive’s company.
Clive is now in a panicked but controlled state. His mind starts to race. How
did these data get from the company database to this Web site? Who did it?
What systems were compromised to generate this list of data? Clive takes a
moment and composes himself, and then he begins to analyze the situation.
The first task Clive does after he settles down is to inform the appropriate
people. He calls his manager and tells her of the situation, and assures her
that he and his team are analyzing the situation and will keep her informed of
progress. Clive’s next calls are to the team leaders of the network, database,
and system administration organizations. The incident response plan is
Initial assessments from the three team leaders report the following:
• Network: After review of the intrusion detection system and firewall
logs, there appears to be no abnormal activity; no alerts were
• Database: After a review of database accounts, user and data
definition (DDL) and data manipulation (DML) audit logs and database
integrity checks, the database appears to show no abnormal activity.
• System administration: The system integrity checks and system
audit logs show no abnormal activity.
After reviewing the reports, Clive is skeptical of the results, and he asks the
teams to verify and confirm that log cleanup and deletion did not take place,
and all leaders confirm that to be the case. Clive reports these findings to the
management team. They are not pleased. They ask, “If no sign of break-in
can be detected, then how did the list get generated and leave company

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