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Significance of The Practice Problem In Nursing Essay

Title: The economic value of informal dementia caregivers. The work need to be conducted through literature review, to have minimum 14 pages plus 20 references, APA stile , including PICOT question and plagiarism free. Please use Loretta Williams: theory of care givers dynamic as a theorist. Im attaching 2 document Significance of The Practice Problem In Nursing Essay


Note that there is no heading that says Introduction. The paragraph or two that follows the title on the first page of your text is assumed to be your introduction. Your introduction follows the title of your paper (note that the title is not bolded). You should start your introduction with a powerful statement or two to stimulate interest. You should identify the purpose of your paper and provide a preview of what the paper will include. Remember that formal papers are in third person, so no I, me, we except in specified areas.
Significance of the Practice Problem
Start this section with identification of the practice problem. This section should also answer the question “why is this important?” You should address the significance to the patient/client (e.g., pain, suffering, quality of life, impact on income potential, etc.), the family, healthcare system (e.g., impact on cost or delivery systems), and society (e.g., cost of care, need for healthcare policy). Discuss the incidence and/or prevalence and include the financial impact if at all possible. You might discuss the impact on length of stay, readmission, home health care requirements, disability and/or mortality. Also, you should address any quality, safety, legal, and ethical implications. This discussion must be substantiated by citations from professional literature.Significance of The Practice Problem In Nursing Essay
Research Question
This section should include your PICOT question but also should provide thorough descriptions of your population, intervention, comparison intervention, outcome, and timing (if appropriate to your question). This section contains, in essence, your operational definitions of the variables in the question. If you use definitions from the literature, be sure to cite them. Include objectives (general and specifics).
Theoretical Framework
This section should include the theoretical framework that supports your proposal. Describe the theory or model that served as the foundation for your project. This may be a nursing theory or a theory from another discipline if pertinent and applicable.
Synthesis of the Literature
Synthesize at least 10 primary research studies and/or systematic reviews; do not include summary articles. This section is all about the scientific evidence rather than someone else’s opinion of the evidence. Do not use secondary sources; you need to get the article, read it, and make your own decision about quality and applicability to your question even if you did find out about the study in a review of the literature. The studies that you cite in this section must relate directly to your PICOT question. This is a synthesis rather than a study-by-study review. Address the similarities, differences, and controversies in the body of evidence. The literature review should include the following: 1.Objective of the literature review; 2.Overview of the subject under consideration; 3.Particular position, those opposed, and those offering completely different arguments; 4.Discussion of both the distinctiveness of each source and its similarities with the others.Significance of The Practice Problem In Nursing Essay
Practice Recommendations
So. . . using available evidence, what is the answer to your question? This section is for you to summarize the strength of the body of evidence (quality, quantity, and consistency), make a summary statement, and based on your conclusions drawn from the review, give a recommendation for practice change based on scientific evidence. This would logically be the intervention of your PICOT question. Perhaps you found substantiation for usual practice, and you recommend reinforcement and education regarding this best practice.
Project Setting
This section should include a description of the setting of the Project. Include the type of setting, description of a typical client, and the vision and mission, and organizational structure and culture. Describe how organizational need was established. Identify the stakeholders. Describe how organizational support was confirmed and plans for sustainability. Significance of The Practice Problem In Nursing Essay
Project Description: methodology
This section should begin with a description of your change model and why it was selected as the model for this specific change. You should learn about the model from a primary source (i.e., do not cite a textbook). The model that you selected should be appropriate to the change that you recommended (i.e., individual change or organizational change). Use the model to describe the practice change that you recommended even if that is reinforcement and education regarding the status quo. Your change process should be specific to your setting. You can make each step of the model a level 2 heading (title case and flush left) and then describe how you implemented that step of the change in your selected setting. Your change process must be specific to your question and the answer that you found through your literature review and your setting. It should be a well thought-out process using the model as a guide. Describe the setting for your project. Include discussion of barriers and facilitators. Discuss your role in the project and the leadership qualities and skills that were utilized for successful completion of the project. Methodology includes: Significance of The Practice Problem In Nursing Essay
• Describe the design
• Identify the variable
• Describe the reliability and validity of the instrument
• Describe the population and the sample.
• Describe the steps to protect the rights of human according to IRB criteria.
• Discuss the procedure to complete the study.
This section may be in first person.
Project Evaluation Results
This section must include how you are going to evaluate the planned change project. Remember that your plan must evaluate the outcome(s) identified in your PICOT question. Discuss recruitment and selection of participants or subjects including inclusion and exclusion criteria. Discuss the evaluation design and whether you will use primary or secondary data for the comparison group. Discuss formative and summative criteria for evaluation and time points for the evaluation. Describe and include any tool(s) that are to be used in your project evaluation as Appendices and discuss the reliability and validity of the tool(s). Identify the type of data (i.e., nominal, ordinal, interval, or continuous) produced by the evaluation tool(s). Discuss how you will control extraneous variables. Discuss planned analysis of your evaluation data. Discuss how you will protect human rights and ensure privacy of health information.
This section may be in first person.Significance of The Practice Problem In Nursing Essay
Discussion and Implications for Nursing and Healthcare
Discuss the conclusions you can make from the project evaluation results: review and answer your PICOT question. Examine, interpret, and qualify the results. Discuss internal validity and limitations of the project evaluation. Take into account sources of potential bias and other threats to internal validity, the imprecision of measures, and other limitations and weaknesses of the evaluation (adapted from APA, 2010, p. 35).
Describe the implications of your project and the project evaluation on nursing practice and healthcare. Do not overstate the significance. Identify the impact on the appropriate microsystem. Include any recommendations you have as a result of this project and project evaluation. Also, include what you might recommend with replication of this project and project evaluation and your potential next steps for this practice problem.
Summary and Conclusion
The conclusion should start with a statement regarding the intent of the paper and your achievement toward that intention. Also, it should briefly say what was included in the paper. Remember that the introduction is a preview, and this section should contain a summary.Significance of The Practice Problem In Nursing Essay

Theoretical Framework
It’s 2 theories
He says here is to choose any theory from those nurse Example Callista Roy. .or the others
And another theory that is NOT nursing, can be psychology ,,Freud,Erickson ….
And explain how these relate

Synthesis of the Literature
He wants 20 articles
According to Author such and collaborators … Say
who studied? ,
showing chose
what a result
There are 20 paragraphs …. and everyone has to say about the article
Author, anus, type of study, #de sample and result ….

Practice Recommendations

In the end in the articles we recommend something, of each of the 20 articles, therefore it would be 10- 20 recommendations, because some articles may match.
Example Kirenia and Michel proposed this… without matching..Significance of The Practice Problem In Nursing Essay

Project Description
Write this the same, without question putting it like this, (with the data of us..)

This project will be completed through a literature review. This will be carried out through Google Scholar, CINHAL, Ana G. Mendez Virtual Libraries, WorldCat, PubMed, Internet database. The research will be peer reviewed. A minimum 30 articles of no more than 5 years will be reviewed. I will use some keywords for my search like: Probiotic, Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia, ICU, conventional methods.
The results obtained from the study will contribute to determine if the probiotic use in prevention of ventilator associated pneumonia is more effective than the conventional method, with a more cost-effective result.
All information collected in this review will be kept in a locked dresser in the principal investigator’s office for a period of 5 years. Both, the principal investigator and the mentor will have access to this material. After this time (5 years), the data will be eliminated with a paper shredder and discarded.Significance of The Practice Problem In Nursing Essay

Project Evaluation Results
Summarize tables with all citation will be presented in appendix A&B; appendix A will be used for the summary of primary research evidence, and appendix B will be used for the summary of the systematic reviews.
Appendix A will include the citation, question or hypothesis, and theoretical foundation, research designated and sample size, key findings, recommendations or implications, and level of evidence, of each article. Appendix B will include citations, question, search strategy, inclusion/exclusion criteria, data, extraction and analysis, key finding, recommendation / implications and level of evidence of each article.

Discussion and Implications for Nursing and Healthcare

Conclusions of Articles 10 – 20 paragraphs of the conclusions of the Articles.Significance of The Practice Problem In Nursing Essay

Plans for Dissemination
Everything that is in blue, can not miss, with our data, but the same…
To achieve the purpose of making our research known, different types of media will be used. In the same way interpersonal communication will be of vital importance to disseminate this project. Also, other forms of dissemination will be used as: a power point and poster will be presented at the Ana G Mendez University. The power point will have a duration of no more than 30 minutes and will be presented to the teacher and classmates. While the poster, which will include a summary of this research, will be shown in the Ana G Mendez University room of the South Florida campus. In the library of this university we will leave a copy of this literature review to be used by those who are interested in the subject.Significance of The Practice Problem In Nursing Essay

Summary and Conclusion
The conclusion should start with a statement regarding the intent of the paper and your achievement toward that intention. Also, it should briefly say what was included in the paper. Remember that the introduction is a preview, and this section should contain a summary.

Fin 421 spring 2019: Solutions to Practice Problems for Homework III


 Assume we purchase a 90-day treasury bill with a face value of $10,000 for $9,910. What is the discount and bond equivalent yield?




  1. Suppose a $2 million repo earns $300 interest over its 2-day maturity. What is its yield?
  1. Calculate the monthly payment for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage of $200,000 with 6% mortgage rate. What is the interest paid in the first month? What is the amortization (principle paid) in the first month? What is the outstanding loan balance after 10 years of payments?Significance of The Practice Problem In Nursing Essay

Interest paid in the first month:

Amortization in the first month:


Outstanding loan balance after 10 years of payments:


  1. Calculate the monthly payment for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage of $200,000 with 6% mortgage rate and a balloon payment of $50,000 at maturity.
  2. Assume we have a $1 million 10 year mortgage with annual payments beginning in exactly one year; the interest rate is 6%. Determine the annual mortgage payment under the following assumptions. In each case verify your calculation by giving the relation between the pay rate and the accrual rate:
    1. Loan is fully amortizing


This is just an annuity problem:

Pay rate =

  1. Loan is partially amortizing with a balloon payment of $500,000

                                       Pay rate =

  1. It is an IO loan

Pay rate =

This paper focuses on use of Betty Neuman systems Model in practice using a case study. The model focuses to finding a solution for a patient is none compliance with his care at home after being discharged. This case is a case that involves a patent who is discharged from hospital after treatment for a cognitive heart failure. The patient none compliance involves the continuing with the habit of smoking. This habit results chest pains which are because of the smoking habits. This model is selected for the practice to reflect the congruency that exists between the practitioner’s values and the assumptions of the model.Significance of The Practice Problem In Nursing Essay

The Neuman model perceived clients as being in a state of dynamic equilibrium with the environment. The environment is also considered a perceptual field that surrounds each person. Neumann has focused on the stress factors and the reaction of each person to the condition that bring about the stress. She brought forth the conviction that stress factors comprise the environment. The further argued that the disequilibrium in the body system that is caused the stress as a tension. This tension act as the stimuli, which has the potential of causing the illness to the individual that, is suffering from the stress.Significance of The Practice Problem In Nursing Essay

The environment is subdivided into two components that include the internal and external factor. The internal factors comprises of the forces that occur within an individual or intrapersonal stress factor. In our case, the example is smoking which the patient is involved in after being discharged. The external environment consists of interpersonal stress factors that result from interaction with other individuals. This is in terms of changes in the roles that can bring about stress to an individual.

The physiological issues in patient perspective involve things like the ability to see, hear, and have mobility. There other things like the ability to breath, sleeping, feeling, eating, speaking, and the vital signs. This variable focuses on the physiological well being of the patient. By ensuring, that all this things are in appropriate in the patient the health can be guaranteed the way for them.

The psychological variables involve the non-verbal behavior, attitudes, coping pattern, and response to stress. These things focus on the psychological status of the patient. Therefore, by ensuring that the patient psychological status is appropriate one can be able to facilitate the things that ensure the well-being of the patient is considered. There are various expectations in this variable that are recognized through evaluation of the patient’s behaviors and the way the patient handle stress.Significance of The Practice Problem In Nursing Essay

The social variable reflects much on the individual’s values and culture. This is by exploring the social and cultural functions of the individual. This can be mainly approached in terms of the way this functionality influences the life of the individual. There are certain cultural believes that affect the life of a given individual negatively in terms of undergoing the medication. This is by getting involved in things that affect their well-being after the discharge form hospital.

The other dimension is the developmental variable, which focuses on the process of life in an individual. This is in terms of the factors that are related to the present situation and they have an influence on the situation. The developmental dimensions in the human life make them to move from one stage in life to the other as time goes by. Therefore, the main objective of this variable is to determine how this change of development is affecting the particular patient in the problem.

The other variable, which is considered significant in the life of a patient, is the spiritual variable. This focuses on the aspect of spirituality on a continuum from entire awareness of an individual. The patient may also be in a condition of denial to a consciously developed high level of spiritual understanding. There is a lot of usefulness to understand the spiritual well being of the patient since it can also contribute to the provision of quality health care services that will be beneficial to them.Significance of The Practice Problem In Nursing Essay

There is a way that a client perceives a stressor. In our case, the patient is concern about the fact that he had experienced the chest pain. This problem interfered with the way he undertook his daily activities before he was hospitalized. The patient can even find it hard to do all he wanted to do. This experience with a health problem is difficult to describe how he is planning to deal with other situation. His expectations are to carry on with his daily routine after being discharged from the hospital and recovering. It would be definitely be a source of stress if he does not manage to accomplish what he intend to after the experience with the illness.

There is also a way in which a nurse perceives the stressors which is different from the perspective of the patient. The perception is through assessment of the patient by the nurse concerning the problem he is experiencing. According to the nurse perspective, the patient is not able to alter the way of living after the hospitalization. This becomes the reason why the patient is still suffering from the chest pains. It is evident that is the patient is continuing with the initial habit of smoking he is still bound to continue experiencing the pains in the chest. This is despite the fact that the individual have never coped with the same problem in the past. Therefore, the nurse perceives the stressor as being the behaviors that the patient gets involved in after the discharge from the hospital.Significance of The Practice Problem In Nursing Essay

There are short-term goals that the nurses focus on achieving in order for them to ensure that the patient has received quality health care. One of these goals is for the patient to stop suffering from this chest pains. The other goal is to make the patient to learn to live in a way that will facilitate his recovery. The next goal is to facilitate the increase of the tolerance of the patient to his daily activity. There are also some long-term goals that the nurses are focused on achieving in terms of treating the patient. These long-term goals entail the creation of an optimal degree of harmony and balanced between his external and internal environment. This is in terms seizing smoking habit, attaining the deal weight and development of a lifestyle which commensurate with a satisfying and fulfilling retirement.Significance of The Practice Problem In Nursing Essay

The nurses are also bound to prevent the invasion of stressors by providing the resources that strengthen the patients system and coping with positive functioning. This is though motivating the patient and using stress as a positive intervention strategy. The nurses can also engage in mobilizing the patient’s internal and external resources focusing on the achieving stability. They can also seek to maintain the stability through educating and reorienting the patient’s system as required.

Significance of The Practice Problem In Nursing Essay

Conclusively, this model is considered to provide a reliable guide of different levels of nursing education. The models have managed to incorporate all the significant variables that enable the patient to improve in their conditions. The model lastly focuses on the way the patient can be encouraged to be involved in a good lifestyle. Significance of The Practice Problem In Nursing Essay

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