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A failed electronic health record (EHR) system implementation at Girard Medical Center a 25-bed facility in the southeast corner of Kansas represents another healthcare organization lost in the weeds. Girard had an IT staff of two neither a specialist in EHRs when it brought in Cerner Corp. in 2010. Now it’s out $1.2 million in fees still has no EHR system and doesn’t qualify for federal monies to pay for one as the Wall Street Journal points out. It’s also enmeshed in a lawsuit against its vendor. Girard according to the WSJ claims that Cerner offered an all-in-one system that not only would prescribe medicines and order tests electronically but also would provide HR functions such as tracking time and attendance. The original $2.9 million price tag for the system however kept going up. The attendance-tracking features lab test functions and electronic billing wound up costing another $100000. Please investigate and comment on what you think caused this project to fail. Justify you answer. Prepare and submit a formal document in APA style 300-400 words. You are encouraged to discuss assignments collaborate on ideas and approaches to the work much as you would do in the professional workplace. However you must submit your own individual written assignments even if it resulted from collaborative reviews. Note please you must conform to the APA stile for font margins pagination and reference citation but it is not necessary to pr

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