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Select a media piece from the past 60 days which addresses some aspect of the arts/cultural/creative economy. Analyze very critically this piece in light of the readings and other materials in the course and come to a conclusion about the central theme of the article. Is it well founded? Does it make sense? How could it have been more informative or insightful? This paper is not to be a ‘plot summary’ of the article but rather an analysis of methods and conclusions with an eye to improvement. This is not intended to be a research piece, but a thoughtful analytical one employing critical thinking.

Length: no more than 3 pages’ double spaced. APA style guide

Hi, Unfortunately i don’t have the access to the textbook but i will provide some outer sources in the word doc. You can also use the other sources that related to art/cultural economics. Thank you.

you can use those videos as parts of references but not as the main source.

As for an article you can look very broadly for a piece — music (see Taylor Swift and her new arrangements with her much inventory); theater; sports (there is a lot out there on sporting contracts); movies and their cost and distribution. You will be able to find something

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