English 101 Skeleton Exercise – media text

English 101

Skeleton Exercise

Considering the Essay II assignment, and your initial rhetorical analysis of the ‘media text’ you chose, please complete a ‘skeleton’ of the main points you believe you will cover in the body paragraphs of the essay. A skeleton exercise is a quick way to ‘fit’ your ideas to the assignment, so that your plan ‘matches’ the expectations.

Step 1: Identify the ‘media text’ you will analyze

Step 2: present 4-5 main points in topic sentence form.

Step 3: provide an ‘overview’ of your “E” idea. The “E” can be either ‘evidence’ from the ‘media text’, a general/universal example, or a quote from a secondary source. Check the Essay II assignment for help as well – remember that there are specific directives for the body paragraphs.

Body Paragraphs Required in Essay

· Body Paragraph #1 – Summary/description of ‘media text’ (inform your audience on the ‘media text’ you chose)

· (E) -> how will you ‘organize’ description or summary of the text; what ‘key elements’ will you focus on?

· Body Paragraph #2 – Identify the Target Audience

· (E) -> possible ‘evidence’ that supports or confirms who the TA is.

Body Paragraph Options to for Each Writer to Choose

· Body Paragraph – Identify a specific ‘Message’ you think exists in the media text or specific point on how the text manipulates the audience

· (E) -> share key element (evidence) that supports what you think the message is.

· Body Paragraph – Make Claim on a specific ‘Effect’ (or effectiveness if an ad) of the message you identified

· (E) -> Key evidence from the media text, a ‘universal’ example, or a secondary source quote that supports.

· Body Paragraph – Optional 5th Paragraph – Another Effect or Something Else. If not another effect paragraph (say a second message paragraph or a ‘manipulation’ paragraph), carefully consider the organization/order of paragraphs.

· (E) -> Key evidence, ‘universal’ example, or secondary source as support

After identifying your ‘media text’, and perhaps brainstorming about it, please open a new document and begin to work through your skeleton.


Step 1: American’s for the Arts “Homer” print ad

Step 2: Create potential topic sentences that properly respond to the assignment

1. (Description/Summary of Ad) The americansforthearts.org print ad prominently features a humorous message to inform the audience on the decline of art education.


2. (Target Audience) While the potential audience may be for anyone with an interest in art, the ad focuses on reaching parents and educators who see art as integral to any education.


3. (Message) – The ad attempts to raise concern on the issue of art education, and uses humor to encourage the audience to actively and financially join the fight to save it.


4. (Effect) – Increasing the role of art education in the lives of students, especially those in financially challenged school systems, can lead to a new generation of young adults who are more thoughtfully engaged in the world around them.


Print Ad

By Elmor Go, June 28th 2012. Retrieved from https://www.printrunner.com/blog/print-ad-examples/

This print ad is designed carefully and yet at the same time it has deeper meaning in it; it is only a cigarette burning while at the bottom it reads cancer loading. Basically, the ad is warning people about the dangers of using cigarettes but the wording is not exactly; it utilizes the technique of rhetoric to be more interesting to the audience while at the same time passing the message. As it will be discussed using the PIES structure below:

The Ad attempts to show the audience the dangers of cigarette consumption; basically, the end result of excessive cigarette consumption is cancer among other dangers. Basically, there is an aspect of technology; cancer loading mimics video games, cellphone or computers, ultimately targeting the younger people. Creating a campaign that relates to a younger audience might reduce cigarette consumption. The ad sows the danger of cigarettes, as the cigarette goes in flames then cancer is loading. That alone passes the message that when you consumed cigarette you are ultimately increasing the chances of getting cancer. The message in this campaign is straightforward and the TA is basically younger people between 15 to 40 years. This campaign might be created by the ministry of health or related agencies. It tries to break down the societal tendency of normalizing cigarette smoking that is harmful to our health. Basically, if the message gets to an individual while they are young it might ultimately change their perspective and save lives.



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