Essay Help | Identify the null hypothesis and alternative hypotheses

Summary of Article review:
Dressler, D. (2012). Coagulopathy in Intensive Care: Critical Care Nursing, 2012;32(5): 48-60).

Summary of the study. Critical illness often has a great impact on the hematologic system. New information is now available to enhance knowledge of the intricate relationship between coagulation and inflammation and to apply the information regarding coagulopathy. It discusses the responses to effective clotting and clotting that can be dangerous and even life threatening.
Identify the null hypothesis and alternative hypotheses (you will need to write the null in your own words as this is not provided in most research reports). The null hypothesis is that blood clotting has nothing to do with homeostasis and can’t effect impact a persons health status. The alternate hypothesis is that medication and diet can change clotting factors of patients (Plichta & Kelvin, 2013).
Share the correlation analysis statistic that is reported. In this study the results of a coagulation panel can help to identify specific problems within the hemostatic mechanism and serve as a guide to therapy. The coagulation tests include: Hemoglobin and hematocrit levels, platelet counts, international normalized ratio, activated partial thromboplastin time, anti-xa activity, activated clotting time, fibrinogen level, and d-diner test.
Address the type of data required and whether assumptions of the test were met. In order to do this, you will need to state: (Farber & Larson, 2009).
-What was the Dependent Variable (DV) and at what level was it measured The tests that were stated in the correlation analysis statistic are measured and clotting levels need to be within normal range for the laboratory that is completing the blood work.
-What was the Independent Variable (IV) and at what level it was measured You will then compare this to the type of data required and whether assumptions of the test were met. The Independent variable is just that depending the clotting levels of the patients. Other factors that are taken into consideration would be if any trauma was present causing inflammation which can make a difference is normal clotting and homeostasis.
Briefly discuss whether the finding in your study is statistically significant and what this means. In this study it is very significant with the laboratory results. Statistically it can make the difference between the patients outcome with clotting whether they could live or die. Hematological issues with blood clots can be life threatening.

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