Ethical and Cultural Perspectives of Inquiry Essay.

Ethical and Cultural Perspectives of Inquiry Essay.


Topic: Childhood Obesity and Management

Compose a focused paper that explains and describes your healthcare issue or topic from a cultural and ethical perspective of inquiry. (You will cover two perspectives in one paper.)Ethical and Cultural Perspectives of Inquiry Essay.


Form and answer two levels of research questions for each inquiry to address your chosen topic.

· State your research questions in your paper’s introduction.

· Form the body of your paper by answering each research question and support your assertions with evidence (research).

· In the conclusion of the paper, briefly review the issues, research questions, answers, and insights.

Ethical Perspective

Level 1- What are the ethical concerns with childhood obesity?

Level 2 – How does a family socioeconomic status affect childhood obesity?

Cultural Perspective

Level 1 – What cultural values and /or norms influence childhood obesity?

Level 2 –How is childhood obesity addressed differently in varying cultural contexts?

Your paper must be five pages in length and reference four to six scholarly, peer-reviewed resources. Be sure to follow current APA Style formatting standards (spacing, font, headers, titles, abstracts, page numbering, etc.).



Alcoholism and alcohol abuse has been one of the challenges that communities and governments around the struggle to solve. In the modern world, society is facing even a more significant challenge as underage, and young adults have become victims of this problem. Culture and ethical perspectives are considered to influence the level of alcoholism and alcohol abuse amongst underage and young adults. This paper seeks to authenticate such claims is by investigating research questions on the ethical and cultural effect on alcoholism and alcohol abuse concerning young adults and underage.

Level 1 Questions

Ethical Questions

The first level 1 research question seeks to find out what ethical obstacles affect how the medical community addresses alcoholism in underage and young adults. Several laws have been put in place to govern alcohol and alcohol abuses some of which include Licensing and Catering Act that defines where alcohol can be sold and preventing any possible sale of alcohol to those who are under the age of 18 years. In the United States, those who are under the age of 21 are legally allowed to drink and close to 16 laws have been put in place to limit underage from accessing alcohol. There are specific limitations on the sale of alcohol to youth and consumption and possession of alcohol by youth. However, in a research conducted by Fell, Fisher, Voas, Blackman, and Tippetts (2007), it was found that only 1 out of the 16 laws demonstrated a relationship with reduction in the alcoholism and alcohol abuse in underage in fatal crashes. Consequently, it was concluded that the laws in their current state are still not sufficient in the fight against underage drinking.Ethical and Cultural Perspectives of Inquiry Essay.

The ethical values of a community can make it difficult for the medical community to address the issue of alcoholism in underage and young adults. Some societies do not find drinking alcohol to be unethical and therefore are less likely to help the medical community in addressing the problem. Most parents do not seem to understand their ethical and legal responsibilities on how alcohol use among the underage. Besides, there is always the ethical question on when physicians can draw blood alcohol levels and accessing the records of alcoholism without being considered unethical or illegal.Ethical and Cultural Perspectives of Inquiry Essay.

Ethical theories and understanding among different communities will make it either difficult or easy for the community to address the issue of alcoholism. For instance, the theory of utilitarianism depends on doing greater good for a large number of people. In the majority of the community, believe it is not wrong to take alcohol then going against that would be treated unethical (Komro et al., 2017). Besides, most influential individuals in the community who are equally wealthy have become bad influence towards the control of alcoholism and alcohols use among underage. They drink carelessly under the watch of young people who end up finding the behavior fashionable or associated with wealth and power. Ethical and Cultural Perspectives of Inquiry Essay.

Cultural Perspective

According to Sudhinaraset, Wigglesworth, and Takeuchi (2016) points out that cultural norm and beliefs are strong indicators of the drinking culture and alcoholism. The world has wide cultural variations which are evidenced in nearly every country following the wave of globalization and immigration. In some communities, the rite of passage is the determiner of whether one is an adult or a child. Some communities have their sons pass through such rites at the age of 12 or 13, and after that, they are allowed to do nearly everything that adults can do. Consequently, promotes alcoholism among those who would be considered underage in most countries such as the US. Environmental factors, such as the influence of peers, also play a role in alcohol use. Peer pressure often convinces youth to engage in activities as a rite of passage, which tendency may lead to alcohol use, in order to gain one another’s approval and to avoid negative judgments.Ethical and Cultural Perspectives of Inquiry Essay.

Most cultures have put in place measures such as training their children on the need to live a responsible life before they are initiated and ushered into adulthood. However, some of the communities punish even older adults who drink irresponsibly through different means, which include beating and being disowned. The difference in how the community treats alcoholism makes it challenging to fight the problem (Harding et al., 2016). It is difficult to enforce some of the laws put in place to address alcoholism amongst young people because of the cultural differences, and that explains why it has proved difficult for the existing laws. Most of the people affected are the tribes whose culture allow for the earlier rite of passage such as African Americans and even the Hispanic.Ethical and Cultural Perspectives of Inquiry Essay.

Level 2 Questions

Ethical Perspective

Public health is expected to create awareness of the consequences of alcoholism and alcohol abuse among young adults and underage. Parents need to be educated on how to help society fight the increasing rate of alcoholism. Most of the parents are not sure of their roles in this fight against the war on alcoholism, and the most appropriate people who can help them understand are the public health professionals. Such health professionals are capable of addressing the issue more ethically. Through public health, society is capable of understanding the effect of alcohol dependence among the underage and the need to join hand in the fight.

Public health can be used to lower the rate of occurrence and broaden the scope of traditional patterns to address alcoholism. This can be done by encouraging interaction among different disciplines in the community such as media, community, and even learning institutions (Simmons‐Horton & Gibson, 2017). A multidisciplinary approach will enable the community and public health as a discipline to identify the most suitable preventive measures that can work.

Cultural perspective

Media exposure has influence and effect on underage and young adults. For instance, underage and young people see elderly people who are wealthy and powerful drink carelessly through media. This works as an encouragement that drinking alcohol can be associated with power and money. Most of the media such as movies being released are mostly showing the use of alcohol as a glorified behavior. As such, young people who do not have proper guidance are more likely to venture into the act secretly and even openly hoping to be like those they watch on the media.

Media exposure can equally be said to promote alcoholism and alcohol abuse through numerous advertisements and ads by highly reputable media houses (Meerkerk & van Straaten, 2018). Most of these adverts are displayed at the watch of children with little or no warning to the young ones. Watching such adverts that are corroborated with sexual display has become the primary cause of the increasing alcohol abuse among young people.


Alcoholism and alcohol abuse has become a significant concern among the underage and young adults. This paper has looked at the cultural and ethical perspectives regarding alcoholism in underage and young adults. The four research questions have sort to find out the ethical obstacles that affect the way medical community address this problem, the cultural and social influence, how public health can address the problem, and the influence and effect of media exposure on underage and young adults’ attitude as well as behavior concerning consumption of alcohol. The findings show that the world is comprised of a variety of cultural and ethical views that has significantly been an obstacle towards the fight of alcoholism. It is equally evident that public health has a more significant role in addressing the increasing level of alcoholism and alcohol abuse. Media exposure has helped twist the attitude of the young people into believing that drinking alcohol is fashionable and only associated with those with power and money.Ethical and Cultural Perspectives of Inquiry Essay.

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