Game on Public Health Discovery

Has four assignments

Game on Public Health Discovery

Go to the website using this link: Outbreak at Watersedge Click the Play button to start the game. Follow the instructions. They will lead you on a search for an infected organism. Once you have found the infected organism, write a three- to four-page review of the process you went through and the results you obtained. You must identify the disease found and define the epidemiological process you used. Make sure to describe how you used it. This paper must be written in APA format, typed in Times New Roman with 12-point font, and double-spaced with 1” margins. Use at least two references that support your findings. This game was developed by the Midwest Center for Life-Long-Learning in Public Health (MCLPH) funded in part by a grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration, DHHS, Public Health Training Center Program. MCLPH is part of the Centers for Public Health Education and Outreach at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health.

Students will critically measure the readings from Chapters 8 to 10 in your textbook. This assignment is planned to help you examination, evaluation, and apply the readings and strategies to your Health Care organization and Managerial Epidemiology. You need to read the article (in the additional weekly reading resources localize in the Syllabus and also in the Lectures link) assigned for week 4 and develop a 3-4 page paper reproducing your understanding and capability to apply the readings to your Health Care organization and Epidemiology. Each paper must be typewritten with 12-point font and double-spaced with standard margins. Follow APA format when referring to the selected articles and include a reference page.

Maternal, Infant, and Child Health

Increase the proportion of infants who are breastfed

Instructions to complete template:

Provide a title for your health promotion plan.
Provide one short-term goal for implementation of your brochure teaching
Provide your Healthy People Topic and Objective and audience
Develop three measurable, time specific learner objectives. Each objective is to include one activity and one measurable outcome. Objectives are to be developed using SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based.

Health Promotion Plan Intervention Instructions:
For the Intervention you will look at health promotion strategies and/or models/theories and apply these to each of the three objectives. You will list objectives (total of three) and then describe primary and secondary prevention strategies for each objective. Provide brief rationale for the strategies/models/theories chosen and be sure to cite and reference your sources.

Health Promotion Plan Evaluation Instructions:
Note: An evaluation measure is based on a particular objective. An evaluation is the appraisal of the effects of activities and/or program interventions. An evaluation is conducted in order to determine the relevance, progress, efficiency, effectiveness & impact of program activities.

Research article analysis

Introduction You must use the title of your paper as the first heading – the content under this heading is your Introduction)
Explain the general purpose, scope and depth of your paper (what it will cover).

2.Selection of Research Interest Area

Explain briefly how you chose the article upon which you will focus in this paper. What clinical experience, question or other interest led you to choose this article? Describe the authors and the citation for the article chosen and explain how it can be pertinent to your learning goals.
What was the research question(s)?
Overview of Research Design You will provide an overview of the research article separately. Was the design- correlational, experimental, grounded theory (for example)? Find out what the authors say about their study design and explain it here.
Is the study design appropriate to answer the research questions proposed?
Foundation for the Studies Explain the theories and/or conceptual models the researchers used to guide the study.
Is the literature review reflecting the state of the science on this topic presented in a logically organized manner? Do the authors discuss supporting as well as opposing studies or information?
Does the literature review for the article seem adequate in depth and breadth? Is it clear how the research study flows or fits into the body of work the literature review describes? Will the research presented be a good contribution to the body of knowledge on this area of interest?
Do the researchers offer hypotheses about what they will find? Do they discuss hunches of what they might find or expect to see based upon theory or other research?
In the hypotheses or research problem statements, what independent, dependent and/or other variables are identified? If a qualitative research article is used, what are the phenomena under investigation?
Conduct of the Research (Each item must be addressed) What was the population of interest and the sample size? How was the sample selected or recruited? Do the researchers describe how they chose the specific characteristics of the sample, the specific sample size or why?
What were the principles of measurement used? What measures were used (questionnaires, photos, abdominal girth, lab values)? If a qualitative study — what methods were used to solicit or capture information?
What were the specific data collection methods? Was the data collected quantitative or qualitative in nature? How were the participants measured, assessed or interviewed, at what times were they measured, how were the data captured and stored? Do participants have access to the data or the findings of the study?
How were the rights of the participants upheld and protected during the conduct of this research? For example, how was their anonymity preserved? Was there any risk to them during the conduct of the study or afterwards? How were they informed of this? Could they refuse to have their data included even after they participated?
Were there any problems with the methodology of these studies?
Analysis and Reporting of the Research (Each item below must be addressed) Once the data were collected and stored, how were the data handled? What data analysis methods were reported?
If a quantitative study, what types of statistics were used to analyze the data (descriptive, inferential) – explain?
If a qualitative study describe the analysis steps reported by the researchers.
What generalization, reliability and/or validity issues do the researchers report? For qualitative research what are the other factors the researchers discuss (e.g. truth value, audit-ability).
Were the conclusions from the research clear? Explain.
Were any ethical issues raised in the conduct, analysis and/or reporting of this research?
Usefulness of the Research What do the researchers claim is the significance of their findings for nursing practice, for further nursing research, for nursing education, and/or for nursing theory development? Do you agree with their assessments, disagree? Explain.
If you wanted to know more about this research, how would you contact the researchers?
What level of evidence does this research represent?
What are some appropriate ways you can use these research findings? Explain.
Conclusion Write a summary paragraph explaining what your paper was about and the key points you want your reader to remember upon concluding your discussion of this research.

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