Health Promotion And Disease Prevention Essay

Health Promotion And Disease Prevention Essay

Early detection of certain diseases, especially cardiovascular disease (CVD), and which incorporates approaches that implement lifestyle changes, medication, and counseling, has the potential to alter the course of the devastation the disease can cause (Murimi & Harpel, 2010). The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends regular examination of obesity and health-related issues, such as cardiovascular screenings for everyone (Murimi & Harpel, 2010). Documented research demonstrates that a healthy lifestyle that includes a proper diet, exercise, no smoking, and limited alcohol decreases the risk of CVD (Gordon, Lavoie, Arsenault, Ditto, & Bacon, 2008).Health Promotion And Disease Prevention Essay


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If clients are not ready to change and the counselor treats them as though they are, compliance rarely occurs (Sargeant et al., 2008). Once clients have been guided through the stages of change and reach the point where they understand the issues, then the practitioner can work with clients instead of simply telling clients what to do (Sargeant et al., 2008).
Another compliance issue involves the manner in which patients do or do not follow their regimens in taking prescribed medication. Doctors prescribe medication for high blood pressure and high cholesterol — two factors that are often identified as risk factors for cardiovascular that can be controlled with medication (Aggarwal & Mosca, 2010). The study found that 14% of patients who did not take their medication had a likelihood of blood pressure that was more apt to be out of control than patients who took their medication (Aggarwal & Mosca, 2010). Aggarwal and Mosca (2010) found that clients who do not follow their medication instructions also had a higher incidence of smoking, poor diet, and depression.Health Promotion And Disease Prevention Essay

Health promotion is the process of improving health status of a person and prevention of disease by enabling the person to take control of their health. It is not just the absence of disease (Maben, & Clark, 1995). Health promotion is commonly used term in health care world, and in current society the promotion of health has greater significance, especially with the rise in consumerism. Health promotion is a vital concept for nursing, symbolizing notions that nursing is related today. Nurses are being urged to take a health promotion role, and are deemed by others as an ideal role for them. It is therefore crucial that nurses cognize the meaning of health promotion and also what is expected from them by undertaking this role (Raphael, 1998).
The significance of health promotion and disease prevention as a principal element of current national health care policy is emphasized in Healthy People 2020. Health promotion consists of all actions that encourage maximum spiritual, mental and physical functions despite of whether an individual is ill or well. Most of these plans are aimed at bringing positive lifestyle changes (Van Leuven, & Prion, 2007). A major core competency for all NPs is health promotion. Through regular screening, immunizations and counselling, NPs can guide their patients towards the goal of health promotion and disease prevention. As a future NP, my goal is to provide patient-centered, holistic care focusing on health promotion and sickness prevention. I also believe that an understanding of practice models like Pender’s Health Promotion Model will enable me to empower patients to obtain self-efficacy and behavior specific changes.Health Promotion And Disease Prevention Essay

As more people these days are getting older, it comes with it the learning that there are special joys and triumphs that the aging years offer. There is the leisurely pace, opportunities to embark on travels, pursue long postponed projects or hobbies, and therefore remaining active and involved as much as possible.

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It is estimated that as more people have lengthier life spans, by year 2030 approximately 71 million older adults or 20% of the population will comprise of older adults (Bryant, Altpeter, & Whitelaw, 2006). This research done by Bryant’s team reveals that chronic illnesses and degenerative diseases replaced acute illnesses and infectious diseases as leading causes of death to the elderly; however, much of the health promotion interventions today are tailored to meet these challenges that accompany increased life expectancy (Bryant, Altpeter, & Whitelaw, 2006).Health Promotion And Disease Prevention Essay

The limitations in this particular stage of development in human individuals include physical and cognitive decline and illnesses that easily beset them. It is therefore at these levels that many of the interventions developed by man are addressed concerning the older adults’ difficulties and more possible limitations that can be prevented or delayed as much as possible. Health care promotion and interventions refer to programs that are especially tailored to a certain group of individuals and their needs and unique challenges. In the aging years, the limitations just mentioned are important issues to consider where these programs are concerned. Are they effective and realistic, and are they affordable and reachable as well?

Health Care as one of these strategies include the incorporation of Senior Games, Promoting Health behaviors and Disease Prevention, Reducing the Need and Demand for Medical Services in the Older population, Eating and Nutritional Support in the Nursing Homes, Alcohol and Drug problems and their interventions, the Influence and impact of Spirituality among the Older adults and Social Support from various sectors of Society (Acree et al., 1995). Many of these abovementioned essentials are contributing to the overall mental health of the older adults thus, making them more enthusiastic and hopeful as they face the remaining years of their lives. They seemed more fulfilled and needed as they are less dependent and more participative of their milieu.Health Promotion And Disease Prevention Essay

As a new health educator, you have just been asked to write an article for your health department’s newletter. The article should be about the transition from disease prevention to health promotion, with a focus on determinants of health.
1) Discuss why the Ottawa Charter and the Jakarta Declararation are important turning points in the transition from disease prevention to health promotion
2) What are determinants of health? how do they influence health? please provide at least 3 examples
3) How are determinants of health being addressed in Healthy People 2020?
When using references, please only include those I can access too, i.e., sources that are available either in online libraries or articles that can be accessed online.  Health Promotion And Disease Prevention Essay

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