Human Services/ Management Concept

Text Book:
Developing Human Service Leaders Author: Deborah Harley-McClaskey

  1. What is your understanding of Self Management as it relates to the Human Services Profession
  2. Discuss how you managed your time in your field placement with assignments. Give 2 examples
  3. How do you focus on your personal mission
  4. What are some of your personal goals as it relates to the HS profession. Are your goals in writing or just
    something you think about.Why do you think it’s important to write them down?
  5. Why do you need a calendar to monitor your planned goals.
  6. What is meant by Taming The Mess and the Pain of Living in Chaos?
  7. What is meant by Team Building in a Human Services Organization?
  8. Identify the Job of a good Human Services Manager in : (Hiring, Monitoring Results, Attract, Value, Developing and retaining human capital, clarity about Mission, Vision, and Goal setting, Performance Appraisals,
    Growing new leaders).
  9. Define Theory X and Theory Y
    10 Define Intrinsic and Extrinic Motivation

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