Maneuvers and risks of ransomware attacks

The web server attacks this week are examples of advanced approaches used by criminals to compromise the integrity of web-based resources. IT professionals may be responsible for understanding how these attacks work, but the rest of the people in the organization who use information technology have neither the time nor the training to investigate these technical details. However, every stakeholder in the information technology services of an organization should be able to identify what is at risk to certain kinds of cyber-attacks.


In this assignment you will have an opportunity to review a published article on Ransomware – a data security attack that is current and becoming more common. You will be asked a series of questions on the reading in Part One of the assignment and then you will challenged with thought questions in Part Two. The student must draw on course readings from all modules to demonstrate comprehension of course content in Part Two.

Maneuvers and Risks of Ransomware Attacks

The second written assignment has you working on a site analysis for a hypothetical web-based EHR. What kind of questions would you ask a vendor that was trying to sell you an EHR that was online or in the cloud?

Here are the rubrics for this week’s assignments.

Written Assignment:  Maneuvers and Risks of Ransomware Attacks


Questions 1-13, one point per blank

Question 14

Question 15 (Each tenet should be used in this description ? 2 pts a piece)

Question 16

Question 17

Question 19

Question 20

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