microsoft excel

In this assignment, you will manage a large worksheet and work on
two workbooks at the same time. You will also add a hyperlink to your
workbook, format the workbook for sharing, and save the workbook as a
webpage and PDF file.Instructions: For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:StepInstructionsPoints Possible1Start Excel. Download, save, and open the workbook named challenging_assignment4.xlsx.0.0002Go To cell M52, and then insert the COUNTIF function. Set the Range as m2:m50 and the Criteria as Staff resulting in 16 sporting events that still require a Referee assigned.12.0003In cell K52, type Events with Unassigned Referees.6.0004Open the downloaded file Referee_Requests.xlsx. Arrange the windows so the files are horizontal, with your challenging_assignment4 worksheet
as the active worksheet in the top window. Go to cell A52, split the
window horizontally. Use Find and Replace to locate the first request’s
Event # from the Referee_Requests.xlsx worksheet. Click in cell M36, and then type Danny Litowitz to assign him as the Referee for that event.10.0005Find the remaining three Event #s listed in the Referee_Requests worksheet, and then enter the appropriate referee for each sports event in column M of your challenging_assignment4 worksheet. Close the Referee_Requests workbook. Maximize your challenging_assignment4 worksheet, and then remove the Split.10.0006At the top of the worksheet, insert a new blank row. In cell A1, type Schedule of Sports Events with Unassigned Referees. Merge & Center the title across the range A1:M1, and then apply the Title cell style.8.0007Create a new table style named Sports Schedule.
Format the First Row Stripe using the fifth column, second color. Format
the Second Row Stripe using the fifth column, third color. Format the
Header Row using the fourth column, fourth color. Set as the default
table style for this document.10.0008Apply your custom table style to the range A2:M51 and convert the table to a range.10.0009Simultaneously Autofit columns A:M. Set orientation to Landscape,
width to 1 page. Insert a footer with the file name element in the left
section and page number element in the right section. Document
properties should include the tags sports schedule.6.00010Move the page break on page 1 after row 37. Repeat row 2 at the top of each page.10.00011Insert a Hyperlink in cell J2 to the downloaded Sports_Coaches.xlsx workbook.10.00012Edit the ScreenTip to read Click here for contact information (no period). Save the workbook.8.00013Close the workbook and then exit Excel. Submit the workbook as


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