NURS 4221 Week 2 Assignment Paper.

NURS 4221 Week 2 Assignment Paper.

The simple definition of quality is the degree of excellence of something (, 2018). In healthcare quality is the degree to which health care services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality [AHRQ], 2018).”NURS 4221 Week 2 Assignment Paper. In healthcare, many professionals attempt to give quality care to patients, but as we all know there is always going to be someone we cannot please no matter how hard we try but we must continue to do the right thing and remain reliable. Reliability is an essential ingredient of quality and in the likelihood that a system will perform adequately over a defined time span (Spath P., 2013).


I currently work as a nurse in a burn intensive care unit (BICU) we have patients with multiple types of wound infections who are on contact isolation. In many cases, nurses are wasteful because they bring too many supplies into the patient’s room that cannot be removed once they are in there due to the isolation. Nurses also bring extra bags of IV fluid (2-3) bags at a time, and when the physician changes the fluid, those bags are wasted because we cannot return them to the Accu-dose machine. These bad habits are not just wasteful but are costly to the patient and the facility especially if the patient does not have insurance. There have been times that the facility has been out of IVF, times when we do not have the appropriate materials to do dressing changes, and I think back to how much we have wasted.

Quality explained by Deming is everyone’s responsibility (QP staff, 2010). The BICU can improve the quality process when everyone takes responsibility for their role in the waste. We can then use the team nursing method to start making quality improvements. Nurses in the unit need to be aware of the cost of the products we are wasting and how it impacts the unit and the facility.NURS 4221 Week 2 Assignment Paper. Once they are conscious of their actions, then the appropriate changes can be made for enhancement. Team nursing is when a group of people equally depend on one another to accomplish a common goal (Dickerson J. & Latina, A., 2017). Improved staff approval, better unit and staff morale, improved patient care awareness, and increased patient safety are the some of the benefits the unit will achieve working together as a team which will have a positive impact on quality.



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NURS 4221 Week 2 Assignment Paper.

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