Problem Set Week Three

During this week, we will look at ways of testing multiple (more than two) data samples at the same time.We will continue to use the data and assignment file that we opened in Week 2, we just move on to the Week 3 tab.The first question asks us to determine if the average compa-ratio is equal across 10K salary groups (20 – 29K. 30 – 39K, etc.). The second question asks us to identify which of the salary groups have different averages. The final question asks us to interpret the new information presented in the lecture and assignment; how does the new information we analyzed help us answer our equal pay for equal work question.The data and assignment file can be found in the Course Materials link, at the bottom in the Multi-Media section. If you save the files from last week, you do not need to open them again.I will download all info that I think you will need.


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