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Please respond to the following with 177 words. For my Discussion I have chosen the decade of the 1950’s. Back in the 1950’s women were underprivileged and were greatly discriminated. Being a woman in the 50’s was considered a disadvantage. Women were definitely considered less than men. In the 1950’s only about 1.2% of women went to university and those who went had a hard time finding jobs. This had to do with the fact that women were expected to become housewives and mothers, they were expected to be cleaning and cooking all day. While doing my research on advertising and posters from that decade I found one advertisement from “Hoover” which in today’s life would be totally unacceptable. In the poster we see a “small-waisted” “well dressed” housewife who looks happy to be given a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. This poster is wrong in so many levels it sends a message that the perfect wife is one who looks beautiful enough to keep her man and also cleans the house. As if cleaning and looking good were the only things a woman is capable of. A very popular trend from the fifties which still is alive today was Drive-In Theaters. They are not as popular now a days because of technology advancements. People today rather watch movies on Netflix or Hulu from the comfort of their house.1. What has changed? Although it is true that women still make less money than men, it is also true that in the present day more women go to University to pursue a career. They are no longer expected to be home taking care of children, cooking, and cleaning all day. Technology has made its way into today’s society making it easier for people to get certain things done faster and without having to leave the house an example of that is online shopping.2. What is no longer evident in today’s society?In my opinion, it is no longer evident that women are supposed to stay home to become housewives. Back in the fifties young adults between 20 and 24 years of age were already married. In today’s society most people get an education and marry later (at around 30 years of age)3. Why have these changes occurred?With time women have proven to be just as capable as men are to provide for their families. There have been many movements which stand against sex discrimination.4. How have these changes impacted people’s life?The way society views women I now more equal to the way men are seemed. This has changed people’s lives in a way that allows women to develop different talents.5. How have the changes impacted people from different ethnic, sexual orientation, gender, religious and social backgrounds?The greatest impact has been among women who now can aspire to be more than what they were expected back in the 50’s. As a woman, I can say that I am glad to have been born now and not back when being a woman was a disadvantage6. What is ahead for US culture? I believe U.S. Culture will continue to make progress in moving forward allowing women to develop and become as capable, or more so than men. In the U.S. is not uncommon to see stay at home dads nowadays.


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