SOCI 1001 Week 3 – Lecture notes 3 Essay.

SOCI 1001 Week 3 – Lecture notes 3 Essay.


Culture= Set of beliefs, traditions, and practices passed down from generations
*Culture has expanded and evolved
Material= Physical things apart of a culture
Non Material= Non physical aspects apart of a culture
Sapir Whorf Hypothesis= Language structures thought
Values and Norms:


● Values are moral beliefs
● Norms are how values tell us to act
● Socialization is how you learn norms and values of your society
● Sanctions= Means of enforcing norms
● Maintain social control
● Cultural Scripts= Modes of behavior and understanding (ex. Masculinity, femininity)
● Sociologists= Domestic culture
● Othering can be a problem
● Subcultures= A group within a culture with different norms and values than the larger
● Any format of communication
● Mass Media= Media that reaches masses of people
Media Effects
Forms 4 categories based on duration and intention
1. Short term and deliberate
2. Long term and deliberate
3. Short term and unintentional
4. Long term and unintentional
Political Economy:
● Media ran by 6 main companies
● These companies affect information being communicated.
SOCI 1001 Week 3 – Lecture notes 3 Essay.

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