Somatic Symptom Disorders Essay

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This is a case study intended to professionally present an evaluation of a significant and honorable leader whom you admire and respect profoundly. The study must present a clear connection between your choice of leader and a theoretical approach to Leadership. Preferably choose a leader from your own culture though not an essential requirement. Your study profile should address the following:

  1. Discuss the rationale for your choice of leader (what makes him/her honorable? why do you admire this leader? Provide clear justification of being honorable with references – i.e. how is the leader honorable?)
  2. Context (briefly describe and outline their characteristics and achievements)
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2.Critical Reflection

Objective: To critically reflect your understanding of the readings and your ability to apply them to your Health care Setting. ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES (10%): Students will critically analyze the readings from Chapter 1 to 3 in your textbook. This assignment is designed to help you review, critique, and apply the readings to your Health Care setting as well as become the foundation for all of your remaining assignments. You need to read the article (in the additional weekly reading resources localize in the Syllabus and also in the Lectures link) assigned for week 1 and develop a 2-3-page paper reflecting your understanding and ability to apply the readings to your Health Care Setting. Each paper must be typewritten with 12-point font and double-spaced with standard margins. Follow APA format when referring to the selected articles and include a reference page.

  1. Somatic Symptom Disorders

Somatic Symptom Disorders Individuals with somatic symptom disorders tend to have considerable difficulty with how they experience and appraise their bodily symptoms. The illness and the dysfunctional focus and behavior around the illness can assume a central role in the person’s life. Somatic symptom disorders were originally thought of as “hysterical,” without legitimate medical causation, or as hypochondriasis.

Though thinking has changed, negative judgments about unfounded illnesses can still be attached to individuals with these disorders. The boundary between medical and emotional problems can be further blurred. In some cases, an individual labeled with one of these illnesses may simply be experiencing a developing medical condition that has not yet been well defined. For all of these reasons, social workers need to take particular care in diagnosing somatic symptom disorders and in providing a fully biopsychosocial and multidisciplinary approach. In the Assignment, you must describe what that approach might look like for one client. To prepare: • Imagine that Jennifer Brea, whose TEDTalk (TED Conferences, LLC, 2016) you watched, is referred to you for ongoing supportive therapy when her psychiatry consultant decides that she does not have a conversion disorder. Despite the psychiatrist’s opinion, her primary care physician ignores that consult and labels Jennifer with the conversion disorder anyway. Be sure to investigate what the ‘conversion’ diagnosis means when responding.

• Explain in a concise professional manner how you would conduct your first meeting with Jennifer. Identify specific steps you would take to understand her circumstance and needs. • Explain how you would proceed with her medical team in terms of advocacy for her as a client believed to have this condition.

• Describe why you would need to take a biopsychosocial approach to her ongoing care.

• Explain what social, family, vocational, Internet, and medical supports you would explore to help with her longer-term stabilization.

• Analyze the controversy in diagnosing a mental disorder based on unexplained physical symptoms. Within your analysis, consider how power and privilege influence who provides the diagnoses and which groups are more likely to be diagnosed with certain disorders. Explain your thoughts on this debate. Support your presentation with research and references to scholarly literature.

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