Essay Help | The use of personal Affiliation

Adam can use his skills as a fine art major to show that he can do more while in the fraternity. Also, since he is a member of the fraternity house, he is legitimacy to other chores warranted, and he should use the same to fight for his rights. Nonetheless, Adam can use Bob to influence the fraternity through the use of expertise. Since Bob is an expert in the matters of fraternity, he can make a case to support the plea and cry of Adam.

The best strategy for Adam in this case scenario is the use of relevance. By showing that he has some sought of significance in the house, he can win the confidence and power. Adam was used to suppressing his ideas and ideals by accepting any chores given unto him by the fraternity house. If he can stand for his right to be in the running of the show, then he can assert his power gain popularity on the same (Whetten et al.,p.228). Likewise, since most of the members knew him as the one doing gardening chores or cleaning, they can vouch for him if he uses reason. He can try to show that the reason he used to work is that as a fraternity member, he felt at ease starting from the bottom. In most cases, by asserting his claims that we all start from the bottom, then he can change and influence the fraternity house.

Based on the personal source of power, the use of personal affiliation can be beneficial in this scenario. Personal affiliation entails the use of people around you to favor you in whatever situation a person is doing. The use of personal affiliation resonates well with this scenario as Adam can use his friend Bob to assert his place in the fraternity house.

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