“What is it that you find most interesting in the play Hamlet?”.

In this paragraph, due Friday February 7th by 5 pm, you are explaining what it is you find most interesting about the play. This is a very important paragraph in which you should identify an aspect of the play that is likely to serve as your research starting-point. It is also essential that you do your best to apply all of the writing lessons to date. As always, make sure that your paragraph has a catchy title and that you proofread your work carefully before submitting it. Please make sure this is a meaty paragraph of at least 400 words in which you expansively set out the aspect of the play that attracts your attention. You may discuss this aspect of the play however you wish, as long as you discuss it in compelling terms. Nota Bene: For the purposes of this paragraph, you may not use the ″I″ voice.

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